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About Discount Kauai Jeep Rental

Owner of Discount Kauai Jeep Rental in Kauai, HawaiiWe pride ourselves on serving our customers. Our team works tirelessly to make sure your rental experience is easy and safe. Vehicles are cleaned and maintenence is performed on a strict schedule. If your plans change you can change or cancel at any time. Cancellations are always complimentary through us.

Our business was launched in January of 2005. Since then we have grown only as needed. If we were short on Jeeps we would add more Jeep Wranglers to our fleet. We also respect and appreciate customer feedback to improve our service. We're still passionate and committed to providing renters with the best rental experience we can provide.


Please reach-out to us if you have any questions or requests.

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Two Door or Four Door Wrangler


Discounted Jeep Rental

4 Door Jeep Wrangler

4 Door Jeep Rental
Discounted Natl. Brands at LIH

2 Door Jeep Wrangler

2 Door Jeep Rental
Discounted Natl. Brands at LIH

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